The Categories for Nomination to the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame are as follows:

1) TRAILBLAZER – A woman who paved the way for other women or was first in her field.

2) EMPOWERER OF WOMEN - A Woman who has significantly inspired the people of San Diego County and improved their lives.


3) ACTIVIST - CREATOR OF STRUCTURAL CHANGE- An activist, leader or professional who has created structural change and shifted our way of thinking and doing. She is a courageous woman from any profession or community whose efforts resulted in improving women’s lives or status.

4) BRIDGE BUILDER OF MULTI-CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING- A multi-cultural competent who is integrally involved in building bridges, coalitions or understanding within the communities of San Diego County. A multi-cultural individual is defined and knowledgeable of and sensitive of diversity, multiculturalism and social justice.

5) HISTORIAN - CULTURAL GUARDIAN – A woman who has kept her culture and history alive within her community. She may act as a mentor, counselor, grandmother, godmother, or other significant role.

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